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Orthodontics in Alicante

Spark and Invisalign invisible orthodontics, braces and interceptive orthodontics.

Correct your bite, align your teeth and improve your smile.

Orthodontic certificates

What is orthodontics?

This is a speciality of dentistry whose main objective is to correct alterations or imperfections in the bite and position of your teeth.

This is achieved by applying a measured and prolonged force on your teeth so that, little by little, they move and have a favourable position both to improve chewing and to improve your smile.

What we achieve with our orthodontic treatments, in addition to improving dental aesthetics, is an ideal occlusion.

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The first appointment at our dental clinic in Alicante is completely free.

We will check the state of your dental health and recommend the best solution for you to achieve your best smile.

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When do we recommend Orthodontics?

At Ridere Estudio Dental, our dental clinic in the centre of Alicante, we are very committed to you, our patient, and for this reason we always recommend the best for your dental health.

These are some of the reasons why we recommend the placement of orthodontics:



A malocclusion that occurs when, during the bite, the upper teeth overpower the lower teeth.


Inverted bite

This is when the lower teeth overlap the upper teeth.



This is when, during the bite, the teeth of the upper arch are behind the lower teeth.


Open bite

This is when there is a gap between the upper and lower teeth when biting.


Dental crowding

This occurs when the jaw is not large enough to fit all the teeth, resulting in one tooth crowding on top of another.



When there is an excessive space between our teeth it is necessary to treat it in order to prevent future diseases, such as periodontal disease.


Speech problems

Sometimes orthodontics can solve phonetic problems that are related to any of the previous cases.


Sleep apnea

This can occur when the development of the lower jaw has not been correct. So, in this case, orthodontics can be the solution to this disorder.

Types of orthodontics

This speciality has several types of application and, depending on the one used in each case, the aesthetics and the process will be different. At our dental clinic we will advise you at all times on what is best for you depending on the current state of your mouth and your budget.

The treatments we have available within this speciality are the following:


Invisible orthodontics, without braces, that will mark a before and after in your smile.


Another type of invisible orthodontics which, together with Invisalign, is the best on the market. 


DAMON self-ligating brackets, metal, porcelain or sapphire. The most classic orthodontics.

Interceptive orthodontics

Also known as children’s orthodontics, it is perfect for correcting deviations such as crossbite and to avoid having to undergo more expensive treatments in the future due to the evolution of the shape of the skull.

Orthodontic retainers

This is an appliance that prevents teeth from moving once you have finished your orthodontic treatment. We have fixed retainers and removable retainers.

Why do patients trust us?

Our orthodontist, Dr. Espuelas, has a Master’s Degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid. He is also certified by Spark, Invisalign and Incognito 3M.

+14 years of experience

Dr. Espuelas has been exclusively dedicated to orthodontics for more than 14 years.

Exhaustive study

Before starting your treatment, we will thoroughly evaluate your case in order to offer you the most suitable treatment for you.

You choose

We will give you our recommendations based on the previous study and you will be able to choose from all the types of orthodontics we have available.

Precise results

Thanks to the technology and computer programmes at our disposal, we will be able to know at all times how the treatment is going and what you need at any given moment in order to obtain outstanding results.

Orthodontics before and after

So that you can get an idea of what this dental treatment can look like before and after, we illustrate with a photo that can help you to take the step and not only improve the state of your mouth, but also improve its aesthetics.

In the image below, the patient had overcrowding and overbite and, thanks to the treatment with metal brackets, the problem was corrected, leaving also a much more attractive aesthetic.

What patients say about us?

Here you can see some of the opinions about our dental clinic in Alicante, you can see more on Google.

Isabel García Cutillas

“I went to this clinic a few months ago for invisible orthodontic treatment and, to date, I couldn’t be happier with the result and the price of the treatment as well as with the attention of the whole team. They are friendly and very pleasant to deal with. The facilities also look modern and impeccable”.

"I went for a consultation related to future invisalign orthodontics and the attention was 10 people very kind and friendly! Pasquale very attentive and helpful. 10/10 thank you"
Ritwuel Castillo
"I started my orthodontic treatment here over 6 months ago and everyone has been very attentive and respectful. Every consultation they are super friendly and make me feel comfortable. The prices are very affordable and the work is very excellent. I have dealt with each of the doctors and assistants and I highly recommend them"
Zoraly Oropeza
"I am undergoing invisible orthodontic treatment and both the treatment of the staff and the professionalism of Dr. Santiago Espuelas are unbeatable. I highly recommend him"
Silvia Moro

Frequently Asked Questions about Orthodontics

All the orthodontic appliances we use at Ridere Estudio Dental are really effective and fulfill their purpose, which is to improve your dental health and give you a brilliant smile. However, Spark or Invisalign are the most aesthetic and comfortable, they can be put on and taken off and do not cause any discomfort. We will be able to recommend what is most efficient for you depending on your budget and your needs.

As a general rule, treatments can last from 6 months to several years, depending on the complexity of the case and how it progresses. But each case is different, and depending on how we see your mouth and the state of your mouth after your first free visit, we will be able to give you a more approximate time.

All retainers are effective, being the most common the removable ones, which is a cover that keeps all the teeth aligned.
You can also use a metal bar that goes on the back of the teeth and is fixed.
At Ridere we will recommend the one that best suits your case so that you can make the right decision.

Our prices are much cheaper than in the UK, so you can contact us without any commitment so that we can give you a quote adapted to your case.

Visit our contact section

Make your first appointment free of charge with our implantologists so that we can give you a complete review of the state of your dental health and we can recommend the best for your case.


Avenida Aguilera 12, 03006, Alicante


+34 607 730 171




Avenida Aguilera 12, 03006, Alicante


+34 607 730 171



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